The Importance of a Roofing Maintenance Contract

Most business owners think of roofing costs as a one-time expense. After the initial cost of installing a new roof, many owners assume there’s no use in investing any more money until they need a new one. However, a roofing maintenance contract actually saves you money in the long run by proactively minimizing the cost of roof replacement or repairs. If you’re interested in how a roofing maintenance contractor can actually reduce your business’ roofing costs, keep reading.


The Benefits of a Maintenance Contract

Do you know which commercial roof repairs are covered under your warranty? If not, you’ll probably be surprised by how little is generally covered by warranties. By providing a more holistic solution, a roofing maintenance contract protects you from internal leakage that wouldn’t typically be covered by roofing warranties. Additionally, these repairs are generally covered under the terms of the maintenance contract, so you won’t be slapped by any surprise costs to keep your roof in great shape. With a maintenance contract, it’s much easier to understand what will and what won’t be covered in the event of roof issues.


Hiring a commercial roofing contractor provides these additional benefits:

  • We identify significant issues before more critical damage can occur.
  • Regular roof maintenance and inspection can increase your roof’s lifespan by up to 50%.
  • Having a roofing maintenance contract can increase the value of your property.
  • Roofing maintenance contracts can be customized for your unique needs.
  • We provide you with quotes regarding any major repairs needed.
  • Contracts can lower roofing costs on both a short and long-term basis.


Identifying roof issues early allows us to remedy issues more cost-effectively than waiting for long-term damage to occur before repairing. Plus, larger roofing issues can ultimately damage other aspects of your building’s infrastructure, forcing you to spend money on additional repairs.


Facts That Prove You Need a Maintenance Contract

If the benefits listed above aren’t enough to convince you that your business needs a roofing maintenance contract, here are some statistics for you numbers guys and gals out there:

  • Over 80% of roofs are replaced prematurely.
  • The average building owner spends more than $127,500 on roofing over the life of the building.
  • The average cost of a new commercial roof is over $42,000 (at a 10,000 square foot average) while repairs, maintenance, and restoration all cost thousands of dollars less than a roof replacement.
  • Roof maintenance programs usually cost 1-3% per year of estimated total replacement costs.
  • A roof maintenance program can save up to 50% over the life of a 30-year roof rather than replacing it every 15-20 years.


A Trust-based Relationship

A roofing maintenance contract is founded upon trust. You have to trust that your contractor has your best interests in mind. Our goal is to save your business money while maximizing the lifetime of your roof. We can do everything from cleaning gutters to performing preventative maintenance and making major repairs as needed.