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Established in 1927, Rainville-Carlson Inc. has spent decades developing a legacy defined by combining traditional customer service, work ethic, and the latest technological advancements. Commercial and residential business owners have benefited from our commitment to quality, and by completing several hundred roofing projects throughout the Twin Cities area, our team has become essential to the region. Community partners such as the Minnesota Historical Society trust Rainville-Carlson Inc. to maintain, repair, and renovate landmark home and buildings with meticulous attention to detail and authenticity.

Our team provides the following services to Minnesota:


The Secret To Beating Minnesota Winters

Minnesota is known for The Mall of America, Mills City Museum, and freezing winters. It’s no secret that the area is one of the coldest metropolitan regions in the United States, and along with temperatures that routinely dip below zero in winter months, Minnesota also takes on more than its fair share of snow, with seasonal accumulations reaching upwards of 60-70 inches.

Sleet, snow squalls, blizzards, ice storms, and snowstorms—Minnesota endures just about every kind of severe winter weather. Weather like this can dump between three to ten inches of snow in as little as a day or two. While massive accumulations of ice and snow at freezing temperatures can be great for attending the St. Paul Winter Carnival, carving ice sculptures, and ice fishing, this relentless winter weather can provide a daunting challenge for commercial and residential buildings. Heavy, quickly accumulating snow loads can cause roof collapses if allowed to build higher and higher. Before a collapse, building owners might notice:

When It Comes To Minnesota Roofing

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Minnesota Snow Removal

Fortunately, Rainville-Carlson Inc. has served Minnesota for nearly a century and specializes in removing snow from flat roofing systems. As experts in roofing services, our team has all the necessary tools to eliminate snow and ice from every square foot of your roofing structure while leaving your roof undamaged.

Our team of unionized roofing technicians know all the tools of the trade and offers the following advantages:

If you’re in Minnesota, and your roof needs service, don’t hesitate to call Rainville-Carlson today. Our team will treat your project with the professionalism, respect, and craftsmanship you deserve.

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