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Critical damage can occur and undermine your structure because of the elements, time, or unforeseen disasters. After an incident or finding leaks inside your building, you’ll want to know about any roofing problems with your home, business, or rental property ASAP. If you own a home or commercial building, roof inspections can be perceived as a long, drawn out experience with extra stress but Rainville-Carlson Inc. has addressed those issues.

While traditional roof inspection services make you wait before letting you know if you just need a few asphalt shingles replaced or a whole new roofing system, Rainville-Carlson’s RC RoofControl will eliminate the wait for that peace-of-mind. The program’s Inspect Application allows you to audit your inspection in real time.

The Inspection Audit Application works by connecting roof inspectors to the Rainville-Carlson Inc. offices. Data is then collected and monitored in real-time. The program guides our roofing technicians, support staff, and client through every step of the inspection process. As the technician moves down the inspection checklist and notes the conditions of gutters and downspouts and roofing surfaces, data is captured, audited by office personnel, and shared with you.

Reports are generated and completed at the same time the inspection data is captured. Before your roofing contractor even comes down the ladder, you’ll have a PDF report in hand of your roofing inspection. Getting important information to your insurance company and getting the job underway has never been easier.  

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From quality roof installation to roofing repairs and more, Rainville-Carlson Inc. continues to serve as a leader in the Twin Cities roofing industry. Our team’s optimized roof inspection software is an example of our commitment to combine traditional service ethics with the latest technology. Eliminate the hassle and the wait. Call today and learn more about what Rainville-Carlson and RC RoofControl has to offer.

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