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Rainville-Carlson Inc. works to be the best full-service roofing company in the Western Wisconsin area. Our team doesn’t stop at just patching a shingle or two—they offer a full suite of roofing and metal fabrication services. Our team of unionized and professionally certified technicians provides roof maintenance, repair, and installation, roof and wall waterproofing, historical roof restoration, art sculpture fabrication and statuary, and more.

In every provided service and completed project, our team focuses on delivering quality. Quality is not just a word at Rainville-Carlson Inc. Quality is apparent for our team’s craft and knowledge base. Quality is essential to the materials our team uses. Quality goes hand in hand with the partnerships our company has cultivated over decades. The Rainville-Carlson Inc. commitment to quality is the result of the company’s founding principles.

Since the company’s launch in 1927, Rainville-Carlson Inc. has maintained a dedication to marrying the latest technology and techniques to traditional customer service values. Our team is trained to get the job done with the use of high-tech robots or with nothing else but essential tools and their hands. The Western Wisconsin Rainville-Carlson Inc. location carries on this legacy with integrity and pride.    


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Rain, Sleet, or Snow — Rainville-Carlson Will Be There

When Lake Geneva freezes over during the winter months, adventure-seeking Wisconsinites take advantage of frigid conditions and ride snowmobiles across thick ice. While winter weather brings plenty of fun activities to the lake, including ice-fishing, ice-skating, and fat-biking, winter weather also brings more than enough severe winter weather.

During inclement weather, a lot of focus can be placed on dangers such as blinding snowdrifts or slicing winds—but the risks of a roof overburdened with snow often go overlooked. Rapid snow accumulation compromises roofing systems and supporting structures. Under too much weight, roofs can collapse and massively damage the inside of a commercial building. Fortunately, Rainville-Carlson Inc. provides fast, economical services to remove dangerous accumulations of snow and protect your investments. But if snow and ice do cause damage to your roofing system, our team of unionized roofing technicians is on call to repair your building in times of difficulty and distress.

Our emergency repair services provide you with the following benefits:

Whether your roof just needs routine maintenance or an emergency crew, reach out to Rainville-Carlson Inc. Our team will treat your project with the professionalism, respect, and craftsmanship you deserve.

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