Energy Star Roofing—What it is and Why it Matters to You 

Energy efficiency is extremely important for any building owner. Whether you own a home or a commercial facility, you should strive for balanced energy usage, because it results in more cost savings, comfortable indoor climates, and greater peace of mind. But energy efficiency isn’t a seasonal objective. It’s a priority you should be aiming for year round and your roof plays a critical role in how much you save over that span of time. 

The key to long-term energy savings is through Energy Star roofing. In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this unique roofing solution and show you what other benefits you’ll be able to secure over time. 

What is Energy Star Roofing

To put it simply, an Energy Star roofing system is a building structure that’s proven to save a measurable amount of energy. These are often metal roofing systems with a tremendous amount of solar reflectiveness. Energy Star labeled roofing products thwarts heat and sunlight, which lowers the roofing temperature and redirects the indoor climate to a safer, more comfortable setting for longer periods of time. 

It’s important to note that not all modern roofing structures qualify for Energy Star ratings. Upon installation, make sure your building passes the necessary specifications issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Benefits of an Energy Star Product 

There are a variety of perks that come with an Energy Star roofing system and more energy efficiency is just a small portion of the pie. Here’s what else you can take advantage of:

Cool Roof Temperature Control

Not many things compare to the brutality of the hot summer sun. Warmer climates often kicks the air conditioning system into overdrive, but an Energy Star roofing system can help take the heat off. An Energy Star roof shingle is built with a higher SPF rating, which helps deflect more of the sun’s rays away from your building. This dramatically reduces heat intake, thus cutting the amount of work that the AC has to exert in order to maintain its desired temperature. 

Less Ice Damage

An Energy Star roofing system can also work wonders during the winter. These roofing structures are built with more insulation, which helps keep heat at the top of your building when the temperature starts to drop. This is extremely helpful especially when snow and ice starts to pick up. Not only does this help prevent heat from escaping the building, but it also keeps your heating system from working overtime. As an added bonus, an Energy Star system also protects the condition of your gutter system so that they’re left frozen in arctic-like environments. 

Lower Energy Costs

It’s simple; less energy means less usage and less usage leads to lower utility bills. This can have a monumental impact on your budgeting. Whether you are running a business or purchasing a home, it’s always better to have extra money saved and that’s what an Energy Star roof can support you with. That’s more money that can be used for enhancing other areas of the building.

Better Tax Credits

To say that Energy Star roofing system is an economical option would be an understatement. Roofing materials can be very expensive, but the federal government offers tax credits to individuals choosing to support their building with more energy savings. Energy Star Shingle tax credits often account for up to as much as 10 percent of the entire cost of all roofing materials. Whenever you have roofing work on your agenda, make sure your accountant is aware about any Energy Star upgrades.  

Improved Insulation and Ventilation

Energy Star roofing structures are more durable and less susceptible to water damage than traditional layers of roofing materials. Padded with several layers of insulation, these roofing systems provide more protection to your indoor environment’s most valuable items. The insulation also prevents your ventilation system from getting punctured. This helps prevent costly HVAC repairs and controls a healthier, safer, and more efficient airflow all around.  

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