Types of roofing software and why you should consider using it to protect your investment

The roofing industry is full of challenges. This line of work is long, rigorous, labor intensive, and requires plenty of strategic planning. But there’s a lot more to the business than just a hammer, nails, nuts, and bolts. So whether you’re getting ready to replace the roof entirely or just need to perform some maintenance, you’re going to need a comprehensive game plan to pull off the project. There’s plenty of data that needs to be measured and that takes a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, there is a series of tools that can help simplify every aspect of a contractor’s job.

This blog is your ultimate guide to roofing software. We’ll help break down what this technology is, the purposes they serve, and why all roofing contractors should be operating with it in their day-to-day. 

Roofing Software 101

What is Roofing Software

Let’s start with the basics. Before we dive into the nitty, gritty, we must define what roofing software actually is. To put it simply “roofing, software” is a form of cloud-based technology that roofing companies use to manage different functions or tasks. 

Types of Roofing Technology

The most popular form of roofing software is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. From salespeople to production teams, owners, estimators, and beyond, this centralized dashboard is a user-friendly tool developed to help everyone in the company easily manage their responsibilities. 

But how exactly is a roofing CRM different than any other business management software? A standard CRM system allows users to manage customer information, track activities, monitor the status of a project, run reports, and view leads. Roofing CRMs are equipped with the same capabilities, but they are built to take things a step further as they are exclusively designed for to streamline all objectives of the roofing business. 

Today’s most sophisticated roofing software is the Rainville-Carlson’s Roof Control system.This innovative suite is a custom dashboard that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device. Roofers who take advantage of this software can easily manage everything from the initial lead to the final invoice. It’s an all-inclusive solution that grants you a vast set of abilities, that of which include:

  • Sales Pipeline Tracking
  • Market Research Analytics
  • Estimates and Contract Creation
  • Material Ordering
  • Production Management
  • Sales Performance Reporting
  • Aerial Roof Measuring

Features and Benefits

Users can access several unique capabilities from their Roof Control dashboard. The simple, easy-to-use project management platform provides roofing specialists with a significant advantage by utilizing the following features:

  • Email: Manage roof-related inquiries with ease. When you open Roof Control, you’ll have a permanent record of all correspondence related to your properties. 
  • Map: Pinpoint the locations of each property and plan  routes for specific site visits.
  • Search, Filtering, and Sorting: Gain quick access to all roofing data by sifting through these organization feature.
  • Printing: Pull the hard numbers in tangible form by printing off all HTML and PDF reports.
  • Site Inspection: Get a detailed, real-time view of your roofing project by taking advantage of the Site Inspection reporting tab. 
  • Observations: Document the property with high-definition photos and videos. 
  • Recommendations: Offer guidance to your clients through quality, data-backed reports measured on a clear grading scale. 
  • Condition Summary: Access quantified data to analyze the condition and life expectancy of your roof.
  • Package-Style Tracking: This service dispatching feature allows you to track work orders and dispatching activity at each job site so you know exactly what status your project is in.
  • Work Order Processing: Audit work orders to confirm they comply with any necessary service standards.

Take Command of the Roof System With Roof Control  

When you’re ready to take your operation to the next level, the experts at Rainville-Carlson will be there to make the process easy for you. Whether you need help producing more accurate bids, cutting labor costs, or speeding up a roof installation, our team will serve you with the resources that solves all your problems. 

Start taking advantage of the industry’s best estimation and roof construction software. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation so you can learn more about Roof Control and how it will benefit the best results from your roofing system.