The commercial roofing industry is booming with a variety of different material options, but a roofing system is nothing without the proper finish. 

Best Types of Roof Coatings 

To put it simply, a roof coating is a special type of fluid stretched across the membrane of your roofing system. Its purpose is to preserve the service life of your roof. When applied properly, the fluid will dry into a protective layer that fends off against wear and tear, while helping to restore the appeal of the building.

So this raises the million-dollar question: which roof coating is the best for your building? Well, there are five excellent options, and they can all help building owners garner optimal results from their unique setup. 

Elastomeric Roof Coatings 

Elastomeric coatings are an effective and affordable solution for keeping leaks out of your roof. They can be applied at any time of the year, even during seasons with heavy precipitation. This reflective roof coating is made using a blend of substances including acrylic material and pigments of titanium dioxide. And one of the biggest benefits is that roofers can apply this finish to any unique structure, including wood, polyurethane foam, single-ply roofs, modified bitumen roofs, metal roofs, concrete, and built-up material. 

Acrylic Roof Coatings

An acrylic coating contains multiple forms of acrylic polymer, which is a durable matter formulated to extend a roof’s quality of life. These roof coatings are available in a wide assortment of colors, but the most common option is a white reflective coating. And many roofing contractors would agree that this is the best roof coating on the market due to its low cost and durability. 

Acrylic coats are usually applied in two separate forms. After the first coat has been applied, roofing professionals run the second layer perpendicular to that initial coating. These coatings can be either sprayed or rolled onto your roof surface, but this process will have to be reapplied every 2 to 3 years. 

Solvent-Based Asphalt Coatings

Often referred to as a cutback coating, a solvent-based roof coat rests at a solid roof temperature. Asphalt particles are “cut back” when liquified, which makes for an easier overall application. Typically applied with the use of a heavy-nap roller, a single gallon of solvent-based asphalt coating can cover 100 square feet of your roof. And there are three finishes available: asphalt black, aluminum, or a reflective coating. Contractors must take precaution when applying one of these coatings because they contain asbestos, which can be harmful to any raw materials used on your roofing system.  

Solvent-Based Silicone Coatings

A silicone coating is a natural, biodegradable roof finish. Like most professional coatings, a silicone-based coat can be applied through spray or roller and they’re available in a variety of colors, most notably reflective white or in a translucent shade. But that’s where the similarities end, because silicone coverings have two major advantages:

  1. Silicone roofs are more water resistant than other roofing finishes. They are engineered to wick more moisture for extended periods of time. 
  2. There’s no need for a primer with a silicone coat. The silicone material is strong and durable enough to adhere to all substrates already. 

Asphalt Emulsions 

These coatings are different than just an asphalt-based layer. An asphalt emulsion is a water-based material formed with clay and a blend of inorganic and organic fibers. Each coating is available in black, brown, or reflective titanium. One of the biggest advantages of an asphalt emulsion is how easy it can be applied. Many roofing companies prefer asphalt emulsions because the coating process is reduced significantly. All you need to do is pour approximately 1.5 gallons across the roof and use a push broom to cover the surface.

Give Your Roof the Perfect Finish 

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