Roof Coatings

Give Your Roof A Second Lease On Life

A Cool New Coat

Roof coatings installed by expert roofing contractors, like our team at Rainville-Carlson, can extend the lifespan of your roof, lower maintenance cost, and stave off expensive replacements. Coating systems can work with several types of roof surfaces and roofing materials. Ultimately, they are most effective when combined with a single ply membrane.

Adding a coat to your roof will help:

Before coating installation, we will evaluate your building and assess the type of coating your building needs. For instance, single ply roofing systems require different coatings than EPDM rubber roofs. 

Types of Roofs We Service:

Invest In Longevity

From rubber roof coating to aluminum roof coating, we’ve got the expertise to increase the lifespan of your roof.

Real Value, Real Results In Real-Time

As roofing installation, maintenance, and repair can be vital to a business, we understand strict completion schedules and tight deadlines. Not only do we want to beat your deadlines, we also want to give you the most bang for your buck.

To better serve you and meet your unique project needs, Rainville-Carlson Inc. uses several strategies. Our technicians use RC RoofControl to organize and update projects in real-time. This software allows us to monitor the budget, roof condition, and needed repairs. With this knowledge, we can provide you with a long-term outlook for the structure.

Our goal is to prolong the life of your roof before recommending a complete replacement. After any initial repairs or maintenance, we will provide you with documents and photos that describe any further work your structure may need. The priority of the work will be ranked in an A, B, C, D format. Finally, you’ll receive invoices and important project notes with our RC RoofControl more quickly. Rainville-Carlson combines old-fashioned values with the latest techniques and technology to ensure you the best possible results.     


Keeping The Roof Over Your Head Since 1924

Rainville-Carlson Inc. has served the Twin Cities since 1924. For four generations, we’ve installed, maintained, and repaired roofs throughout the region. Our owner makes the best use of nearly 30 years of experience and surveys every worksite we service. Not only do we offer value-minded craftsmanship, we have our own sheet metal fabrication shop to design custom materials that meet your unique needs and challenges. We pride ourselves on combining old-fashioned work ethic with respect for the latest techniques and concerns in architecture. Need to coat an EPDM roof and lower your energy costs? No problem! We’ll provide and install the best EPDM roof coating for your needs. Your business deserves integrity in commercial roof repair. Reach out today and gain a new partner.

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