Commercial roofs tend to last longer than residential roofs. Commercial roofing material is sturdy and each commercial roof installation service is done professionally. These roofing experts ensure the quality and longevity of the roofs. However, even the sturdiest of roofs will start to fail if affected by certain factors.

Unfortunate incidents happen, and sometimes, a failing roof is unavoidable. However, it is best that we are aware of what factors can affect the long-term performance of your roof so that you can steer clear of these problems whenever possible.

Roof Installation

How the roof is installed will have a huge positive or negative effect on the roof’s performance. Common roofing problems such as leaks or ventilation can all be traced back to an improper installation. For this reason, it’s wise to always work with a professional commercial roofing contractor.

Roof Design

The design of a roof can also affect how well the roof holds up and how much it is affected by different elements. A professional roofing company can work with you to ensure that you are provided with the best possible roof design for your business. Rainville Carlson evaluates your structure and creates a design that fits your needs.

Roofing Materials

It is recommended that businesses invest in high-quality materials for their commercial roofing system. Quality materials last longer, perform better, and can have a lower life-cycle cost when compared with low-cost alternatives. Constantly having to repair a roof made with low-quality material will cost you more in the long run than installing a high-quality roof to begin with.

Rainville Carlson carries a variety of different roofing materials including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Magnesium

Roof Maintenance

A proactive roof inspection and maintenance program for your existing roof can increase your roof’s service life and boost its performance. Without regular commercial roof repair, small problems may go unnoticed and turn into bigger problems. Worst case scenario, you may need to get a new roof entirely. These problems can be avoided by investing in a maintenance program.

A maintenance program prevents structural damage to your roof and building, improves safety for employees and other building occupants (reduces liability), and saves you money in the long run. By catching small problems early and preventing further damage that these issues could have caused, maintenance programs save the company money and make your roof last longer.

It is very important to have a roofing contractor that you can trust for service. Rainville Carlson is a leading union contractor in industrial and commercial roofing in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The expertise of our employees along with our excellent customer service give our customers the peace of mind needed to make big decisions about installing, repairing, and maintaining their commercial roofing. For the best roofing solutions, contact Rainville Carlson.