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Keeping It Cool

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing systems were first installed in 1989. Since then, millions of square meters of TPO have been installed worldwide. TPO is an attractive option for business and homeowners alike for a few good reasons.

TPO is:

The Rainville-Carlson Inc. difference is apparent in our TPO installation. Our TPO roofing system is mechanically attached using a state-of-the-art robot. Using a robot ensures the seams are perfect and that the bonding adhesive sets flawlessly. Human error is eliminated, and each square foot of TPO is fully adhered and optimized for peak performance. While many roofing companies still do this task by hand, our team of experts use cutting-edge technology.  

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Decades Of Flexibility And Efficency

For four generations we’ve installed, maintained, and repaired everything from rubber roofs to asphalt roofs throughout the Twin Cities region. Not only do we offer value-minded craftsmanship, we have our own sheet metal fabrication shop to design custom materials that meet your unique needs and challenges.

We pride ourselves on combining old-fashioned work ethic with respect for the latest techniques and concerns in architecture. If you’re searching for the best TPO roof prices, search no more. Rainville-Carlson Inc. works with your needs in mind. No other roofing contractor works as hard to ensure your roofing installation costs are low while also delivering high-quality, cutting-edge service.  

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