Flexibility and affordability for your next roofing system


Why PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a plastic polymer most often associated with plumbing and piping. What you might not realize is that PVC roof panels also offer a durable and cost-effective option for your next flat roofing project. Some of the benefits of a PVC roof membrane include:


The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) mandates that PVC roofing membranes must have a minimum breaking strength of 200 pounds per inch. However, the PVC roofing materials we typically use have at least a breaking strength of 350 pounds per inch, resulting in an incredibly strong protective layer for your roof. On top of this, we use heat to weld seams in the PVC together, making them impermeable to moisture. When compared to conventional caulks, tapes, and adhesives, these welds form a much tighter bond, reducing maintenance and repair costs over time.


PVC roofs are resistant to chemical damage, fire, wind, and hail. Fat from grease vents in restaurants can easily damage conventional roofs but will not harm PVC roofs, making them an excellent option for the food industry. Likewise, PVC roofs are resistant to fire. They are difficult to ignite and, when they do, they burn slowly and self-extinguish when direct flames are extinguished. Additionally, PVC roofs are resistant to natural factors like wind and hail. Because of their strong welded seams, wind won’t work them loose. PVC roofing material is also puncture resistant, reducing the chances of severe storm damage.


When expertly installed and maintained, a PVC roofing system can last twenty to thirty years. Because of strong welded seams and puncture resistant material, PVC requires little maintenance over the lifetime of your roof. Every year your business goes without having to replace your roof is a year your business is saving money. With a PVC roofing solution, your company will minimize maintenance costs while getting the most out of your initial roof installation investment.

Environmentally Friendly

PVC roofs also offer your business a flexible, environmentally-friendly roofing option. PVC reflects solar rays, helping to reduce your facility’s climate control costs while also saving energy.. PVC can also be fully recycled to be reused in new products. The roofing membranes can be manufactured in a variety of colors to match the look of your building while maximizing solar reflection.


Easy installation and minimal maintenance

PVC roofing systems offer businesses a cost-effective solution without the downsides of many other flat roof membranes.

Why Rainville-Carlson?

Rainville-Carlson is a leading roofing company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We’ve been providing companies with roofing solutions tailored to their buildings since 1927, so we have the breadth and depth of experience to handle any project. We have the expertise to handle your next PVC roofing project, so your business can start experiencing the benefits of a PVC roofing solution right away.

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