Historical Roof Restoration

Giving The Past New Life


Preserving History With Modern Techniques

Rainville-Carlson Inc. has worked with the Minnesota Historical Society to restore historical roofing throughout the Twin Cities area. No matter what the roofing material is on your historical building, our team has the experience to ensure your restoration is completed without a hitch. We understand maintaining the look and integrity of the original roofing is integral to each unique project, and we facilitate collaboration with the historical society to keep your building accurate to history.

Our roofing technicians have experience with the following types and materials:

Have A Terne Coated Metal Roof?

Our team has the knowhow you need for repairs.

Work In Real Time

Our team understands the stakes are high when restoring or updating a piece of history. To better serve you, Rainville-Carlson Inc. uses RC RoofControl. This innovative program allows roofing contractors and clients to monitor the progress of projects in real time. RC RoofControl keeps our team on task and keeps you up to date with the progress of your project. You’ll also receive invoices and important project notes from us more quickly. From the moment we draft designs for your roof, to the minute we fasten the standing seams, you’ll be updated every step of the way.

Decades of Experience on Demand

For nearly a century, Rainville-Carlson Inc. has installed, repaired, and maintained roofing systems throughout the Twin Cities area. Our team has the experience and tools to get the project done right. In all the services we offer, Rainville-Carlson Inc. works to combine old-fashioned work ethic and customer service with the latest technology and techniques. Reach out today and let Rainville-Carlson Inc. work by your side on shaping history.

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