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When it comes to your original artwork, you want to work with an engineering and fabrication partner who respects your vision. The professional metal work technicians at Rainville-Carlson Inc. bring decades of experience to the fabrication and installation of your metal art sculpture.   

“Engage” by Janet Lofquist is a recent Rainville-Carlson Inc. outdoor metal sculpture installation. “Engage” is a public artwork created for E.C. Goodwin Technical High School of New Britain, CT.

Engage is comprised of seven large gear wheels that create a rhythmic presence along the school’s facade. The gear wheels are made from weathering steel, stainless steel and aluminum using various fabrication methods. The surface of each wheel is perforated with a sequence of circular openings that create a dynamic play of light and shadow, glowing from within at night. Two groups of granite benches create a secondary component of the work. As bookends to the assemblage of gear wheels, they create sculptural spaces for gathering. The bench assembly details suggest various joinery techniques and methods.

The team at Rainville-Carlson Inc. has extensive experience, top-of-the-line tools, and an on-site fabrication shop to execute any metal artwork you can dream up. Beyond metalwork, Rainville-Carlson also offers concrete statuary. Statuary and garden accents are available in every form and genre imaginable. Our breadth of selection available designs gives you the creative freedom to set any stage you want for your outdoor sanctuary.

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The metal fabrication technicians at Rainville-Carlson Inc. have the attention to detail, the skill, and the work ethic to execute your vision with faithful accuracy. Our team has custom fabricated and installed complex artworks for a wide variety of artists.

For four generations, Rainville-Carlson Inc. has endeavored to serve customers by combining customer service with skill and cutting-edge technology. If you need a partner to complete your metal fabrication and installation, look no further than Rainville-Carlson Inc.

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