Copper Roof

When It Comes To Premium Roofing, Nothing Compares To Copper

Enjoy The Classic Look Of Copper

From medieval architecture to modern cathedrals and historic homes, copper roofing systems have been used throughout history for beautiful, sturdy roofing. Copper roofing material not only adds a timeless look to any building, but it also provides several long-term, practical benefits. A copper roof’s durability makes it virtually maintenance free, and installing a copper roof is easy for our unionized technicians.

The benefits of copper roofs include:

The Best In Craftsmanship, Artistry, And Service

The operations team at Rainville-Carlson Inc understands how stressful new installations and renovations can be. Tight timelines and the loss of space can cause anxiety. Fortunately, Rainville-Carlson Inc. has developed RC RoofControl roofing software to organize resources and keep you updated on your project. RC RoofControl tracks and relays the project’s progress in real time. Critical paperwork and notes will be available for you in a variety of quick, convenient formats. From the first standing seam, our roofing contractors go the extra mile in work ethic, craft, and operations.  

Providing Style And Class

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Work With The Best

From asphalt shingles to copper sheeting, Rainville-Carlson Inc. roofing technicians work hard to give you the style and level of protection you want. From historical renovations and architectural paneling to sheet metal roofing and copper accents, our work can be seen throughout the Twin Cities region. Our technicians bring years of copper soldering experience to each project. Work with us and enjoy our unique combination of traditional work ethic, modern techniques, and skill.

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