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Architectural Metals Fabrication Services

Decorative roofing accents add a one-of-a-kind touch to your building, whether it is historic or a newer structure. Rainville-Carlson Inc. takes a careful, thorough approach to improving the overall appeal of your property. Our team custom fabricates and installs sheet metal details that align perfectly with your vision. 

There’s no project too big or complex for us to handle. We even take on tasks that require durable and high-performing fabrication for historically accurate replicas. As long as your building meets the standards issued by the Minnesota Historical Society, you can count on Rainville-Carlson to fulfill any initiative with precision, care, and the finest craftsmanship. With our team at the helm, expect a historically accurate replica that embodies every element of the original construction.

Fabricated sheet metal experts at Rainville-Carlson Inc. are experienced with the following components and material:

Premium Quality Architectural Metal Roofing Without the Premium Cost

Cost efficiency is ingrained in every service we deliver. Our team goes above and beyond to support each client with architectural sheet metal specialties at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. We keep costs affordable by using industry-leading methods and precision technology. Our technicians use computerized metal folding machines along with various other tools, and we fabricate roof panel systems in house at our sheet metal fabrication shop. All of our other metal products are created in house also. We burnish material from its original copper state and transform it into a stainless steel masterpiece.

At Rainville-Carlson Inc., we can guarantee the following advantages:

Hire Your Team Of Architects On Call

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Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder

When it comes to roofing and custom metalwork in the Twin Cities area, Rainville-Carlson Inc. sets the standard. Our experts work tirelessly to preserve the curb appeal of your building for as long as possible. We deliver a full range of solutions, including eye-catching designs, expedient installation, and ongoing maintenance support. When we’re by your side, expect a tireless effort that leverages only optimal results from your commercial roofing system.

Turn your vision into reality and reap the benefits of 90+ years of industry-leading knowledge and experience from Minnesota’s sharpest roofing specialists. Whether it’s custom fabrication or a full-on restoration project, the experts at Rainville-Carlson will be there to accomplish the task quickly and at an economical cost. Work with us and enjoy our unique combination of traditional work ethic, modern techniques, and skilled technicians.

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